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Europan XIII

Planification urbaine - Bondy


Lieu d’exécution 


Nature de l’opération

Planification urbaine

Maîtrise d’Ouvrage 

Maîtrise d’œuvre 

Atelier Vingt-six



2013 - Concours Europan XIII


The city is taken up as we enter an Escher’s painting: by including the diffusion of simi- lar patterns not only just by repeating it but mainly as a possibility to comprehend the city scales, from the private to the collective one, from the centre to its stretch.

The urban fabric from the existing discrepancies forming the city of Bondy were reorganized in order to built an area that could fit into a harmonious process affecting and speeding up the «Grand Paris» project.

The isolated economical zone lining a poorly exploited canal, major highways gathe-red with condensed residential cluster of houses, all invite to reorganize the urban tissue according to a certain continuity between already existing urban levels and future to come.It implies to clarify the north/south and west/east mesh and make it dense and ordered. It was also important to resolve the current economical, social and urban fragmentation of the city.

We thus propose to extend all the existing links and infrastructures around the grid. The aim was to allow each area to develop its activities within diversity in order to connect all the town’s motions and the activities they create.

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