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Europan 13 - Nacka, Suède


Lieu d’exécution 

Nacka, Suède

Nature de l’opération

Programmation urbaine

Schéma directeur

Plan d'aménagement urbain

Maîtrise d’Ouvrage 

Maîtrise d’œuvre 

Atelier Vingt-six



2013 - Concours 


The project site area has been closed to the public for more than 60 years.The main target is to transform the existing area of oil storage tanks (called Bergs) to housing, workspace, public and recreational space; in other words to transform it to a new part of Nacka with its own identity.

The market would obviously like to develop this area to an attractive seaside housing enclave; one of the challenges is to make Bergs accessible to a greater public and to connect it to the rest of Nacka.

Keep the silos?

It was a way to break with the classical master plan (south side of the site). These silos represent poetic infrastructures as they are huge white monoliths belonging to the historical landscape of Nacka. Their dimensions and proportions allow us to use them as existing structures on which we started our project.

The goal was to use them as pre-existing infrastructures, as some sort of rehabilitation. So rather than destroying these bergs, we chose to keep them all and include them entirely in the project. It was also a sustainable way to take the project up.

Indeed, considering their particular shapes and dimensions on one hand, and the outstanding topography of the site on the other, we decided to integrate all of them in a geometrical framework composed by regular hexagons.

Finally, the soil remediations costs added with the destruction costs of the Silo would definitely increase the global price of the project.

The framework

This framework regulates the housing shapes program which is composed by several different typologies slotted and modulated in polygons fitted in the thread.

It allows to fall in with different types of units, that can be repeated or not (according to landscape irregularities) and thus expand itself in different scales, just as fractal geometry.


The polygon chosen for this framework ended up being an hexagon. In fact, it is the most economical shape in terms of space and storage ratio (i.e honeycombs). It thus implies no space loss.

Added to this construction on stilts system, this framework gives huge stability to all structures.

Fuel tank adaptations/Housing formation

Hexagonal form may use to allow full possibilities of developpement of housing and working spaces, one between the other, in every direction, permit a variable and unique shape tor the building, but those amelioration will always respect the frame.

axono structure.jpg
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